Labor and worker issues

Labor and worker issues

We represent employers in this field and help increase the human resources of our clients and avoid exposure to liability. We also provide advice to our clients on labor reduction, unfair dismissal, work contracts and non-competition agreements in addition to matters pertaining to public employees. We also provide advice on labor and workers issues, including mergers. Purchasing and restructuring. We also regularly provide advice to employers on various laws.

On the other hand, we represent employees who are treated unfairly, or are arbitrarily dismissed, cases of medical negligence, accidents, injury or death, and achieve the best results in labor lawsuits.

The services we provide on labor and labor issues:

  •  Writing legal cases of all kinds to claim labor rights

    Writing civil, commercial and labor appeals.

    Drafting cases, writing memoranda, and representing the parties before the Ministry of Labor

    Drafting work contracts

    Make defenses.

    Filing civil, commercial and labor lawsuits

    Representing clients before all courts.

    Labor Law Consulting.

    Labor litigation procedures, labor benefits, compensation and employment claims, and work contract termination cases.

    Editing work contracts and work termination contracts.

    Interpretation of employment contracts.

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Other services

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Litigation and dispute resolution

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