Al Kayan Team and their Approach

Al Kayan group team consists of a large group of highly qualified lawyers and legal advisors in the practical and academic legal field. They have been carefully selected; a large number of lawyers holding Doctorate Degree in criminal, civil and administrative law in addition to a large group of Master Degree holders in Public and Private Law so as to provide distinguished legal services that guarantee your representation and achieve your interests in an optimal and effective way. Furthermore, the teamwork spirit that characterizes all team members and their ability to coordinate collectively ensure that our customers receive constructive services that protect their interests. Implemented strategies to solve the complex legal problems facing our clients and ensure the protection of their interests are based on specialization, long professional experience, well-balanced and effective legal opinion and the spirit of cooperation among all members of the team. The method followed by Al Kayan Group is to raise the subject of issues, the problem or the service request for discussion before all of our consultants and specialists so that each one of them expresses the legal opinion and thus we can reach the best possible means so as to bring the dispute before the judiciary. Consequently, we ensure that the procedures are on their right track in order to protect the rights of our clients.

Mohammed Abdul Muati Mohammad, known as (Mohammed Al Qatari)

Mr. Mohammed obtained a Bachelor of Laws Degree from Assiut University in 2007. Mr. Mohammed is a certified attorney at the Egyptian Bar Association – Appeal Degree. Mr. Mohammed enjoys legal experience in several areas including civil law, criminal law, military law, administrative law, commercial law and family law. This is in addition to his expertise in the field of tax and corporate law. Mr. Mohammed performs the administrative coordination of all branches of the Group within the Arab Republic of Egypt through his administrative monitoring to all cases and their distribution according to specialization among the attorneys and legal advisors within the Group branches.